Perfect Breast Size Formula

Perfect Breast Size Formula

Published on April 23, 2015 by

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and most ask for a breast augmentation that is natural or realistic. How do we know what the perfect breast size looks like? Well, most of us will say we know it when we see it. We do have an innate ability to know what looks good. […]

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Breast Implants: Choosing the Right Size

Published on March 2, 2015 by

As they say, looks are everything and selecting “your” size when it comes to breast implants is no different. Breast size is very personal, and though others will have their opinions of what you should look like, not one opinion is as important as yours. Many fall into is the trap of breast augmentation by […]

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Vacation Breasts on your Horizon?

Published on January 1, 2015 by

While reviewing information posted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, I came across a procedure offering in the New York area. I might have just passed it by, however once on the internet it quickly caught notice and I began receiving calls about the latest ‘Vacation Breasts’ and whether we offer this procedure in […]

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Silicone Gel Breast Implants are on the Rise

Published on April 12, 2013 by

It seems like the silicone gel breast implant ban was ages ago, and looking at our experience with the silicone gel breast implant, the gel breast implant is again on the rise. The moratorium on silicone gel ended just six years ago in 2006, after a 15 year period of time, where the saline breast […]

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Life after Breast Augmentation: Life does indeed get better!

Published on April 11, 2013 by

It seems odd that the silicone and saline breast implant is the most studied medical device in the world today. Though it probably goes without saying that a woman’s breast is the most studied and indeed controversial and provocative body feature. One of my favorite lines from advertising is “I can sell anything with a […]

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Breast Augmentation Revision: Can you Avoid It?

Published on July 26, 2012 by

Breast augmentation has been a procedure with very high satisfaction and very low instances of a complication. Still, as we talk to colleagues at meetings and review the published experience, the revision rate after breast augmentation is often alarmingly high. As I look at issues raised on, which is an open forum of questions […]

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Breast Implants will improve your Sex Life: Recent Polls show

Published on June 29, 2012 by

As a regular contributor to, we noted the results of their recent poll concerning breast implants and sexual satisfaction. As expected, women who have completed breast augmentation report a better sex life. What was not so expected was the extent of the gain in sexual awareness and satisfaction. Given the huge number of breast […]

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Cosmetic Surgery: Who Should You have it for?

Published on May 12, 2012 by

As my homepage came up on the computer today I noted an article on concerning a college student who was worried about her summer at home because her mother has been nagging her to look better and pushing her to have cosmetic surgery to improve her life. Surely, this is the stuff of daytime […]

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The New “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants

Published on May 11, 2012 by

The new line of breast implants which has come available will include a very cohesive gel implant, which maintains a stable shape, nicknamed the “gummy bear” breast implant. We have been interested in the “gummy bear” and have studied the Allergan 410 “gummy bear” for breast reconstruction for several years now, in anticipation of market […]

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Silicone Gel Breast Implants Turn 50

Published on April 5, 2012 by

The most studied, and yes, the most litigated device in medical history, is set to turn fifty years of age with the coming of spring 2012. Despite the tempestuous course, breast augmentation and the rise of the silicone gel breast implant has been an exciting story and remains the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure […]

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