Not Using SPF and Not Reapplying

We hear it constantly but especially in summer, sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen. But how many people are actually wearing it? SPF 50? Every day? All over? According to researchers at the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) a mere 29.9% of women while only a scant 14.3% of men report regularly applying sunscreen on their face and body.

These numbers are TERRIFYING!

Applying sunscreen has been scientifically proven to help prevent skin cancer. So why aren’t people using it? Well, you’ve been BUSTED! With the dozens of products on the market today, we are calling you out on your SPF excuses!

“I have no time”
For those of you who claim to not have enough time click here. You really do have the time!

“Not Outside/Don’t Burn”
Just because you don’t spend a lot of time outdoors doesn’t mean UV rays aren’t impacting your skin. Incidental exposure from riding in the car to office lighting and computer screens all expose you to UV rays that damage your skin. All skin needs protection! A sunburn is an immediate sign of sun damage but dark spots take longer to show up and in darker complexions are the hardest to treat. Why not just prevent them in the first place?

“Don’t Like the Feel/Smell/Messing Up My Makeup”
Luckily now more and more companies are recognizing the importance of wearing SPF daily and are making formulas to fit our lives. SPF now comes in a wide variety of formulas and textures so you can find the best fit for you.

Types of SPF

  • Cream or Lotion
    • This is your traditional SPF that most people think of when you think sunscreen, usually comes in a bottle or jar. Often water and sweat resistant.
  • Powders
    • They can be tinted or colorless, pressed, loose or built into a brush. Excellent for reapplying throughout the day and for sensitive skin
  • Makeup with SPF
    • Tons of companies now have sunscreen built right into their foundations but check the amount; SPF 15 is not adequate protection!
  • Ultra Lightweight Fluid
    • The consistency of water and an invisible feel on the skin. They can often be mixed into your moisturizer or foundation to simplify steps
  • Makeup Setting Sprays
    • Makeup melted off by mid-day? These setting mists give all day staying power by holding your makeup in place while making reapplying a breeze.

No more excuses! Protect yourself and your skin by wearing your SPF 50, EVERYDAY, ALL OVER!