This month we are featuring the Cherry Blossom Facial to help kick off spring and get your skin feeling fresh after the drabness of winter. Each product in this month’s facial has been hand picked for its unique benefits to the skin beginning with our Cherry Exfoliating Enzyme.

Cherries are a naturally rich source of antioxidants. They help protect our skin from free radicals that wreak havoc on our skin. But this isn’t just any Cherry Enzyme, we have chosen one that does double duty. That burst of antioxidants is just the beginning; it’s also packed with powerful skin brighteners (Kojic and Arbutin to be specific) all while helping dissolve dull, dead skin cells.

Our facial massage is enhanced with the aromatic delights of jasmine. Jasmine is revered for its multitude of benefits to the skin and body including; reducing scars and dark spots, treating dry brittle skin and eczema, acting as a natural anti-septic and anti-depressant as well as aiding in sleep and respiratory issues.

Finally we nourish the skin with our Hydrating Vanilla mask to rebalance moisture. Natural anti-inflammatory properties calm irritation and neutralize free radical damage. Top that off with customized serums, moisturizer and sunscreen and your skin is ready for spring! Call or come by to set up an escape to your own personal oasis!