Patient Testimonials

Thanks Dr Johnson“Just a note to tell you how happy I am with the wonderful work you did on my facelift. I am so absolutely thrilled with the results. The entire experience was a very positive one. Thank you for your very kind manner. I also thank your very pleasant staff. I love forward to seeing you again for future face care.”


“I definitely wanted to comment on the absolutely wonderful experiences I have had under the care of Dr. Johnson. I first started seeking out a Plastic Surgeon approximately 10yrs ago. I wanted to find someone that was not only a board certified Plastic Surgeon but also a prestigious member of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon Society. When you are entrusting a doctor to work on your face you want someone as skillful and talented as Dr. Johnson. I refer to Dr. Johnson as “The master.” If he had not chosen Plastic Surgery as his field of endeavor, he may have become a famous Sculptor or Painter. His bedside manner is surpassed by none. He is gentle and kind and immediately puts one at ease. It is not necessary to fly to Paris or New York or Beverly Hills to find a magnificent Plastic Surgeon. We have the “Master,” right here in our own backyard.”


Thank Note“I finally talked my husband into a breast augmentation. I wanted implants like forever and chose a moderate silicone implant that looks very natural on me. Even my husband is happy with them and I love the way I look. Dr. Johnson was really nice and easy to talk to and not pushy so my husband and me could take our time. Really love the result.”


“My experience with Dr. Johnson was a positive one in every way. For one hour, we discussed the facial procedure that I wanted to have done, the recovery time involved, and what the outcome would be. He answered each and every question, and I never felt rushed. I met his staff, saw the O.R., recovery room, and viewed before and after pictures. Upon leaving the office, I booked my surgery, and was able to choose the date which was convenient for my schedule. I am beyond thrilled with results, and was back to work in one week. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson.”


Dear Dr. Johnson,
Thank you so much for listening to me and using your expertise to fulfill my needs. I’ve had a wonderful experience with you and I truly appreciate all the time, effort and patience you’ve shown me. Each time I’ll look in the mirror, I will think about how lucky I am.
Thank you,


Thank You Dr Johnson“I just completed my breast augmentation with Dr. Johnson and was worried about being too big, but I am not too small or too big, just right. I saw other surgeons who “always” use HP implants and Dr. Johnson was the one to sit with me and review how I was and what I wanted. The HP look might be great on the west coast, but my implants were for me and are just right.”


“I actually saw Dr. Johnson about a breast augmentation as he is known for great breast results. Some how I began talking about my nose which I always hated. He was able to take picture of my nose and show me what I would look like with a nose job. It was just too good to pass up. He didn’t even charge me for the pictures and consultation. I love my nose, and now am saving again for my breast augmentation. Dr. Johnson and his staff were wonderful and everything went just as they said it would.”


“I met Dr. Johnson when my 3 year old daughter was treated for a horrible dog bite on her left cheek back in May, 2012. Seeing the depth of the bite I thought Thank You Noteshe will be disfigured for life and my husband and I felt hopeless in the emergency room sitting by her site, waiting for the surgeon on call to show up. We did not know what to expect but Dr. Johnson’s office offered to speak to us and reassured us we are getting the best doctor we can possibly hope for. Let me just say this, “They were so right”. He was able to sew her muscles in such way that she has not lost any facial expressions which was one of our biggest worry. She is now recovering well and because of Dr. Johnson’s care and expertise my little girl is smiling again. Thank you Dr. Johnson. You are the best!”

Dana Raducan

“I saw several plastic surgeons and was never treated bettter than by doctor Johnson and his office. I love my breast augmentation. I felt very safe and had a greast experience.”


Breast augmentation with Dr. Johnson and my boobs are great. His office was fantastic and I would put my trust in him any time. Had a gel implant and a D cup like I wanted. Best decision ever!”


“Doctor Johnson fixed my rhinoplasty after a botched job by a big office in Chicago that I never should have trusted. He spent a hour with me and showed my nose on the computer and showed me the changes to get my nose to look the way I wanted it to be. He was very patient and really delivered. His office staff was great too. Doctor Johnson saved my nose!”


“I met doctor Johnson when I took my mother in law for followup after her breast reconstruction. He was very kind and patient with her and I got a look at her result and it was just amazing. I later decided to have a breast augmentation with him, something I always wanted but put off for school and then family. After breast feeding I certainly needed it. I went for a very natural C and love my result, just the perfect me. Anyone who sees doctor Johnson will not be disappointed.”


“I had Dr. Johnson do my breast augmentation, something I always wanted. He was the only one interested in just what I wanted, and my result is just perfect. I never could have a result like this from anyone else. Thanks to him and his staff I look great!”


“Dr. Johnson you are gifted and I feel very fortunate to be on the receiving end of your significant talent. Thank you so much for your continued patience and support. I am very grateful for both.”


“I was a patients of Dr Johnson i had a breast reduction i made the best decision ever to choose this Doctor and to have this surgery he is the best no pain and my boobs are amazing not even 1 month after , I’m running and feeling great I went to work after 5 days with no pain and no meds , so any women who is afraid to do this surgery don’t be this is is the best decision you can make , i wish to do this long time ago im 43 and the best thing is my insurance covered everything thank u “hmo”staff very good and understanding so thank you Dr. Johnson and staff u are awesome. Elizabeth I give 6 stars”


“Words cannot express how much you have changed my life. As Dr. Phil says, “This has been a life altering event”. I never realized in how many ways this would impact my life.”

Lynn R.

“I never could have imagined the reaction on the part of everyone. I received raves about my skin, my eyes, my healthy radiant look, as well as remarks that I look ten years younger.”

Laura S.

“Thank you for sending me the before and after photos. What an astonishing difference! Those who know about my facelift continue to maintain that they can’t tell that I had anything done. I want to express my thanks to all of you and to Dr. Johnson for his skill.”

Sarah M.

“Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the results of the tissue transfer. The procedure was painless and the overall look is incredible. You truly have an amazing touch!”

Nancy J.

“I cannot express how thrilled I am with the look of my face. You did an incredible job! Also, your staff is fantastic. They really are great about everything, especially making the patient feel comfortable.”

Sally R., M.D.

“Dr. Johnson, I appreciate your honesty and sound advice during my consultation. I truly believe I have found the right cosmetic surgeon for me and look forward to looking my best.”

Regina W.

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to you and your staff. I have never looked better or felt better about myself. Thank you for your artistry and surgical skill.”

Marilyn J.