Plastic Surgery FAQ

Q. Are there scars after plastic surgery is performed?

A. The artistic design of Dr. Johnson’s procedures serves to conceal scars. In the vast majority of procedures, scars fade over time and become barely visible.

Q I would really like to have plastic surgery, but will it hurt?

A. During your procedure, Dr. Johnson will provide anesthesia or sedation as required, so that you remain comfortable and feel no pain. Often, general anesthesia can be provided and you will sleep through the entire procedure. Any post discomfort may be controlled by medication.

Q. How long does cosmetic surgery last?

A. Cosmetic surgery is very lasting. In the case of breast enhancement, breast reduction or nasal reshaping, the surgery will last a lifetime. Facial rejuvenation can last 5 to 10 years. Sometimes a graduated approach or touch-ups may be desirable.

Q. Is cosmetic surgery safe?

A. Each year at our Center for Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Johnson completes hundreds of procedures and complications are rare. At our accredited facility, safety is the number one priority. Today, cosmetic surgery is extremely safe and Dr. Johnson will carefully explain any cautions involved in treatment.

Q. How much time off from work do I need to allow for a cosmetic surgery?

A. Time off can vary depending on the procedure performed. Most patients are back within 3 to 10 days. Your downtime can be arranged around weekends or holidays to help with your schedule.

Q. I want to look better, more refreshed, but I don’t want too dramatic of a change. Will others be able to tell if I’ve had a procedure?

A. Good cosmetic surgery enhances your look in a natural way and often fools even your closest friends. Some patients tell others that they were away on vacation or started a new diet. Typically, people will not know, unless you tell them.

Q. I have some ideas for improvement that I’d like to discuss. How do I arrange an appointment?

A. The initial appointment or consultation is made simply by calling the Center for Aesthetic Surgery. In your first consultation, feel free to explore your ideas without the worry of commitment. Relax, enjoy and learn.

Q. Where will Dr. Johnson complete my procedure?

A. Cosmetic surgery is usually completed at our Center, a fully accredited, on-site surgical facility. It’s private, safe and affordable. Our accreditation is your assurance that the highest standards in care are maintained.

Q. I’ve heard that cosmetic procedures are expensive. Can I finance my surgery?

A. Cosmetic surgery costs may be more affordable than you think. After your initial consultation our staff will explain all payment and financing options available to you.

Q. I have a good idea of what I would like. Can Dr. Johnson work with me to achieve this look?

A. Absolutely. Many of our patients arrive knowing exactly how they want to look, especially concerning breast size or nasal shape. Dr, Johnson will always strive to match your expectations. He will draw on his experience to assure that your goal is reached and advise you of the choices that are best for you.

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