Fat/Tissue Grafting in Chicago Illinois

Using your own fat or tissue is one of the latest growing trends in cosmetic surgery today, to help achieve that youthful look or contour. The results with artistically applied fat grafts are shapelier and more natural than ever before. Tissue grafts can be successfully applied to add volume to the face, fullness to the appearance of the breast, and contour the buttocks.

Fat Grafting in the Face

Fat grafting is one of the most important aesthetic elements in total facial rejuvenation today. As we age, the face is first to show fine lines, skin laxity and volume loss, giving us that dreaded, old, tired look. These visible signs of aging are the result of loosing important subcutaneous tissues and their support structure. The majority of facial procedures performed by Dr. Johnson at the Center for Aesthetic Surgery involve fat grafting, or what we refer to as tissue enhancement. Tissue is applied to add ‘youthful’ fullness to the face, upper and lower eye lid, and lip.

Tissue enhancement is also known as fat transfer or structural fat grafting. In a complementary and synergistic action to face and eye lift techniques, fat grafting produces useful volume around eye hollows, smile lines, cheeks, lips and chin. Vital, and true to life, rejuvenation can only be achieved with these delicate tissue enhancement techniques. Fat transfer is so important in reducing the visible signs of aging that we often rely upon this technique alone, to maintain youthful volume around eyes and lips. As a result of applying tissue grafts, facial plastic surgery can often be delayed well into the future.

Fat Grafting in the Breast

At one time felt to be controversial, fat grafting or transfer of tissue into the breast has become an attractive, safe procedure for those with modest breast asymmetry, a tuberous breast shape and for those wishing a modest breast augmentation without the need for breast implants. We find fat grafting a method of providing coverage over breast implants that have rippled, or show through, or shadow, the skin. Also used in this way, fat grafting has provided a method to improve breast reconstruction as never before.

Fat Grafting in the Buttock

Fat transfer, or fat grafting, has been the cornerstone of refinement in body contouring. Fat that was once discarded during liposuction procedures is now used for body shaping. The most common area for applying fat is in the buttock, also known as the Brazilian butt lift. The fat taken from the waist or abdomen, and even the outer thigh, is now used to enhance the projection and the roundness of the buttock. This trend of fat transfer and body sculpturing to the buttock enhances the shape and the overall body form. Fat grafting and the Brazilian butt lift have given rise to the increased interest in aesthetic body image and liposuction.