Belotero Balance in Chicago Illinois

Smooth away fine facial lines and wrinkles. Dr. Peter Johnson recently introduced, Belotero Balance, a new hyaluronic acid (HA) cohesive gel filler to the Center for Aesthetic Surgery, to compliment a growing and dynamic range of dermal facial fillers. Injectable dermal fillers when applied, dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging. Our latest introduction in the HA dermal filler toolkit is Belotero Balance® manufactured by Merz Aesthetics™.

Belotero Balance® Dermal Filler Logo

Belotero Balance® is a unique facial filler designed to reach higher in the dermis, contouring to your distinct facial features. When injected, Belotero Balance is better able to mold and blend stubborn, finer lines to give an exceptionally smooth appearance to the skin. And just like other hyaluronic acid-based, or HA, products on the market, results for Belotero Balance are expected to last six months or longer. Facial areas that benefit the most from Belotero Balance injections are the corners of your mouth, wrinkles around your chin, nasolabial folds from your nose to your mouth, ertical lip lines and aging smile lines.

The real beauty in Belotero Balance has been Dr Johnson’s ability to now place the HA closer to the skin surface, without bumps or ‘blue’ marks on the skin. The result can be incredibly natural, with a smoothness we haven’t seen with other fillers. Erasing fine lines, the first tell tale signs of aging, are now within reach. The opportunity for combining dermal fillers are plentiful with the now available selection of injectable products; Radiesse for serious volumizing, Juvederm for filling and plumping, and now Belotero Balance, for better smoothing and fine line control.

Imagine your ‘on the go’ filler facelift, for those who have hit a plateau with skin care, and just are not ready, or in need, of a plastic surgical makeover. Maybe it’s time for your AH HA moment with Belotero Balance.

We welcome you to call our office at 847-296-5470 to see if Belotero Balance® is right for you.