Injectables in Chicago Illinois

A revolution has occurred in the field of facial rejuvenation with the recognition that facial aging involves volume loss, just as much as with the development of fine lines and skin laxity. Much of the visible signs of aging are more than skin deep. Dr. Johnson, like many Plastic Surgeons, have long recognized in their quest for the ideal facial rejuvenation, that fine lines, unattractive folds, and a shrinking upper lip, can show well before the appearance of skin laxity. In order to combat these early signs of aging, collagen was the first product on the scene. Though initial results were very encouraging, newer generations of products called ‘Injectables’ have rapidly supplanted collagen to plump and fill, and smooth out the lines and folds which prematurely age the face.

What’s New in Facial Filler Development?

Our newer products to soften fine lines, plump tissues, and fill folds are hyluronic acid gels, very popular in our practice, Juvéderm® an Allergan product. Derived from a substance that is common to healthy cells and tissues, hyluronic acid or HA. The HA filler is not a protein and does not cause any tissue reaction or inflammation. These HA filler products are easily applied, very safe, and do not require any skin testing. The incredible safety of HA fillers has lead to their widespread use in spas. However, we believe that the placement of the filler is only as good as the skill of the doctor providing the treatment. At The Center for Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Johnson insists on his own “hands on” approach. Why trust your face and investment to anyone else?

What are the advantages of Hyluronic Fillers?

One of the huge advantages of HA fillers are that the results are immediate, without any recovery or down-time. Treatment can even be performed over a lunch hour. And the treatments are even more comfortable than ever, as Dr. Johnson will routinely numb the area to filled and smoothed. Though the procedure is touted as “quick” and simple, in our office Dr. Johnson believes the procedure takes care and deserves time to get things right. Only careful, artistic and accurate placement will provide excellent results. For most individuals, we recommend the second treatment after six months as the “base” of the fill is built up, and then retreat yearly for lasting results.

Will an Injectable work for Deeper Lines and Wrinkles?

Just as for early folds, smile lines, and surface wrinkles, we have a solution for volume loss as well. Loss of facial fullness is often seen in the smile lines, along the corner of the mouth which begins to turn downward into a frown, and progresses to line called the marionette line from the mouth to the chin. Face lift and fat grafting, both more involved cosmetic surgery procedures, have been the gold standard. For those who just don’t have time in their schedule, a volumizing filler is an attractive alternative.

New products and improvements will continue to come along, and you can rely on Dr Peter E. Johnson and The Center for Aesthetic Surgery to evaluate each, as to its effectiveness, comfort, and cost to provide beautiful options for those individuals who are concerned with facial aging’s earliest signs, and those who are not ready for surgical rejuvenation alternatives. You can always depend on Dr. Johnson’s personal and expert attention for superlative Volumizing Filler results.

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