Diary of a Nasal Reshaping

I had been thinking about the shape of my nose ever since high school. It wasn’t just the bump. My nose looked too big for my face. I really hated my picture from the side and if I smiled the end of my nose seemed to point down. I hated to smile in pictures.

I heard not all cosmetic surgeons do nasal reshaping or rhinoplasty because it can be difficult. I talked to three doctors before I met Dr. Johnson. During my consult he told me all about how a nose can be shaped and asked me about what I would like to see changed. No one else did that. He used the computer to actually show me how the changes would look on my face. Together we decided on my new look.

The day of my procedure I had a “general” anesthesia and was asleep during the whole thing. I got a bit swollen after the first three days, but after a week when Dr. Johnson took the splint off, I looked great. My nose was still a little stiff and I still had a little bruise on one side but as Dr. Johnson said “the best was yet to come”. Nothing really hurt through the whole thing. My nose just felt stuffy.

Now I like really love my nose. The funny thing is nobody can really tell what I had done except some very close friends who I told. My nose is so natural and a perfect fit. I even have to look at the “before” picture to remember the old me! I was right in high school and even my mother agrees. Should have done it then, but am really glad I did now!