Facelift Diary

I had my family late, partly because of my career and partly because of years of trying. My husband and I went through infertility treatment and now I have twins. When the twins started school last year, I looked at the other mothers and I really felt old. Despite having children the same age, I just couldn’t connect with anybody. It was so uncomfortable to be seen differently. I had many years ahead of me with the kids. I wanted to look like their mom and not like their grandmother.

Dr. Johnson showed me areas of my face that were prematurely aging and told me about a new kind of facelift for people just like me. I hadn’t really thought of a facelift at my age but he had a way to tighten my loose chin and cheeks with a little “S” on top of the front of my ear. He showed me in the mirror what to expect. I had actually been pushing up my face like that at home wishing it would just stay that way.

My procedure was with a twilight sleep, though I can’t remember anything. Dr. Johnson told me it wouldn’t hurt and he was right, just my earlobes were tender. The big dressing came off the following day and I was able to get into the shower and washout my hair. I had to take it easy for a week, which was hard with my twins at home, but with a touch of makeup I was back in business.

What has been so great is that I still look like me and I feel like me, only just a little bit younger. Dr. Johnson changed everything and I am so grateful.