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Facelift Surgery in Chicago, Illinois offered by a board certified plastic surgeon, Peter E. Johnson MD. For information about Facelift surgery, techniques, view our before and after photos.

Facial rejuvenating surgery, best known as a facelift, is a highly successful procedure to prolong the look of youth and enhance vitality. Depending on the aging curve you are on, over time, aging will produce a tired look around the eyes, folding along the smile lines, and eventually laxity in the corner of the mouth and neck. Facelifts have become the most popular and gratifying cosmetic procedure particularly among the aging “baby boomer” generation. Just as aging is a gradual process varying from one individual to another, Dr. Johnson at the Center for Aesthetic Surgery takes an individual approach to restorative facial rejuvenation.

The facelift is not just one single surgical procedure, but several restorative techniques. A one size fits all approach simply will not produce excellent results each and every time. Facial rejuvenation may address the brow, the mid cheek and jowl area, or may need to fully rejuvenate the chin and neck. We have devised a full spectrum of procedures, from a short incision mini or soft lift, to a full face and neck lift to combat even the deepest signs of facial aging. Dr. Johnson’s goal is to provide natural results, bringing back a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

We find that some individuals benefit from a full facelift, where as others benefit from a modified, mini or soft lift.

A woman who received our face lift procedure in Glenview, IL

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Dr. Johnson believes that total facial rejuvenation involves more than correction of skin laxity alone. Aging often begins with a loss of the supportive, subcutaneous tissue over the eye, and with the lower lid which continues over time to involve the cheeks, upper and lower lip and chin. For true facial rejuvenation, structural fat grafting becomes an essential component of face lift and facial rejuvenation. With a graduated approach to facial rejuvenation, the first step in maintaining facial youth is structural fat grafting. During facelift, fat which includes restorative stem cells, is borrowed from the hip or tummy and transferred to depressed areas, such as the upper and lower lid hollows, the hollows along the cheeks, facial folds, upper and lower lip, as well as the chin, to provide truly spectacular facial rejuvenation. As more telltale signs of facial aging begin to occur, a soft lift combined with restorative fat grafting can help flatten the aging curve.

With a staged or graduated approach, facial rejuvenation and facelift can be right at any age. With our philosophy of just the right procedure, at just the right time, you can maintain great looks, vitality, and a youthful outlook over a lifetime.

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Facelift Chicago, Illinois offered by a board certified plastic surgeon. For information about Facelift surgery, techniques, view our before and after photos.



  • I am really not too bad so do I need a full facelift?

    A full facelift can seem like a daunting project with a significant recovery, though many do not need a full facelift. Rejuvenation can focus on the needed areas of concern and for some a limited incision or mini facelift can work out well.
  • My face is OK but my neck is horrible; is this still a facelift?

    While your neck is not quite your face, the approach is very similar as is the recovery. We tend to think of the procedure as a lower face and neck lift. Neck bands are an early tell tale sign of aging and can be corrected even if your upper face is holding firm.
  • Is there a minimally invasive facelift?

    Facial rejuvenation is a graduated approach starting with skin care, light based therapy and peels, volume and fillers, and finally, facelift, when significant laxity sets in. While most would prefer to avoid surgery, facelift has passed the test of time simply because it works so well. Start with the simpler measures if you can. However, compared to the rejuvenating results from facelift, non-surgical or minimally invasive techniques may not measure up.
  • Are you doing thread lifts that I read about?

    The concept of using threads to rejuvenate and lift the neck was introduced perhaps ten years ago. It was marketed as a non-surgical facelift, quick and easy. The bad news is that the threads give way after several weeks and all is lost. We abandoned the thread facelifts for better and more solid facelift techniques.
  • My spa is offering a liquid facelift and the pictures look great; will it work?

    Liquid facelift does work in the sense that facial aging is about loss of volume, and loss of skin elasticity. Volume replacement is an important part of facial rejuvenation and a liquid lift will plump hollow areas with HA filler. The caution here is that the quantity needed is great and so too the cost. HA filler is temporary. Be sure you are not over promised.
  • Mini facelift or full facelift?

    A mini or limited incision facelift is a good solution for those with good skin elasticity and lesser laxity in the neck. Sometimes this is called a vertical or “S” lift as the incision follows the just the sideburn to the earlobe in a lazy S pattern. The procedure is a bit quicker and offers significant improvement. If you experience more laxity in the neck and jowl, though don’t shy away from facelift. Results are well worth it.
  • Does fat stay after my facelift?

    Facial rejuvenation is about skin laxity and volume loss, and we do complete fat transfers into the facial folds, marionette lines, chin and lower lid hollows in most facelift procedures. Yes, the fat will stay and provide shape and a youthful look for years to come.
  • How much bruising will I get from my facelift?

    With our more modern facelift techniques, we actually have little bruising, and when some occurs it is along the lower jaw line and down by the collarbone and not in the face at all. A concealer can be used after several days and most bruises will go unnoticed.
  • Is a facelift going to be painful?

    One of the myths about facelift is that it is painful, and in actuality, there is little pain. The cheek will be a bit numb and any pain and tenderness seems to be in the earlobes perhaps from the pressure of the first wrap after the procedure.
  • Do you do a three layer facelift?

    The face is supported by three layers, the skin, the fat just underneath, and a layer called the SMAS which is a supporting tissue in the cheek and neck. In a proper facelift we do indeed address all three for the best result and longevity.