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Eyelid Surgery in Chicago is offered by board certified plastic surgeon, Peter E. Johnson MD.

Eyes are said to be the window to the soul. Unfortunately eyes can be the first place to show visible signs of aging. This occurs because the skin around on the eyelid is quite thin and subject to the stress and strain of your daily routine. Genetic factors can also influence premature hooding of the upper lids where fatty fullness within the lower lids causes a tired appearance well before your time. Eyelid surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, has potential benefits for both younger individuals, as well as older individuals, whose lids may have aged over time.

Eyelid rejuvenation at the Center for Aesthetic Surgery has taken on a graduated approach, much like Dr. Johnson’s approach to all facial rejuvenation. Starting with non-surgical treatments, improvement can begin with light peels or the placement of fillers and structural fat grafts in the lower lids to improve skin tone, reduce visible fat deposits, and reduce a tired appearance. For those with inherited fatty pockets within the lower lid a scar less or trans-conjunctival approach can provide a perfect solution for those who otherwise have normal skin tone and texture. Full lower lid rejuvenation can correct fatty herniation, restore muscle tone, and correct skin laxity and wrinkles, and with our preferred method of adding structural fat grafts for restorative volume and fullness, lower lid blepharoplasty has become more revitalizing than ever before.

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Our advanced techniques, including eyelid lifts, eyelid surgery in Chicago or blepharoplasty, most people will not realize that you’ve had eyelid surgery. What people will notice is that you appear younger and more vibrant.

Just as in the lower lid, upper lid blepharoplasty also benefits from a graduated approach matching our technique to specific problems. Hooding skin in the upper lids is a common complaint with loss of a visible lash line. Skin reduction alone often can provide visually striking results with a rapid recovery. However, for some reduction of fatty heaviness within the lid is beneficial, or for some elevation of the side of the brow will produce a bright and beautiful appearance. Structural fat grafting has also found its place in the upper lid when aging produces upper lid peaks and hollows. Dr. Johnson can provide fat with your own stem cells to rejuvenate and replenish thinned and tired upper lids and brow.

With the advancements in our understanding of facial aging, we are able to develop a treatment program specifically for you. For a personalized consultation on how to best combat the visible signs of aging, contact Dr. Johnson at the Center for Aesthetic Surgery to see how eyelid rejuvenation can create a younger appearing and more vibrant you.

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  • What caused my uneven upper eyelids?

    Asymmetry is everywhere, breast size and even shoe size. Uneven eyelids are no exception. In fact, we have one dominant eye which is slightly larger than the other and naturally one lid will be slightly different from the other. In short, nothing caused it. Uneven eyelids are simply a natural part of how we are made.
  • Should I have lower eyelid surgery or can laser work?

    In the past, treatments like laser and even deep peel solutions were used to shrink the lower eyelid skin. The problem with these treatments, especially laser, was that they presented unpredictable results. Today, we consider lower lid fat adjustment with skin pinch, a safer and optimal option to lower lid surgery, with a quick and comfortable recovery.
  • I am considering an upper eyelid fix, but is a brow lift better?

    It’s true; a lax brow can contribute to skin excess and hooding in the upper lid. We find that we can elevate the lateral brow very effectively through the upper eyelid approach and solve these issues without need for a full brow lift.
  • Will I need surgery for under eye hollows?

    The under eye hollow, or groove, often called a tear trough can develop with aging, or it can be an inherited trait. This deep under eye groove can make the fatty tissue in the lower lid appear more prominent for a tired look. Lower lid surgery might be the solution to reposition fat and fill the groove, though a minimally invasive approach using fat transfer might do the trick.
  • Can I have fat removed from my lower eye bags without surgery?

    The prominent fat in the lower lids is a main contributor to the tired look. At this time there is no safe nonsurgical method to reduce the fat pockets in the lower lid. Only traditional blepharoplasty or transconjunctival blepharoplasty, sometimes called scar-less blepharoplasty, will reduce or reposition the fat.
  • Where are the scars from eyelid surgery?

    The upper lid scar will lie in the eyelid fold and is rarely seen. The lower lid scar will lie at the lash line and then a bit to the side. This small lash scar on the side may be visible for several weeks while you recover. Eyelid surgery has some of the best healing results seen in cosmetic surgery. It is safe to say the resulting scar from eyelid surgery will eventually become undetectable in either women or men.
  • How does a scar-less eyelid surgery work?

    The scar-less eyelid procedure is called transconjunctival lower eyelid rejuvenation, where the incision is on the inside surface of the lid where it cannot be seen. Transconjunctival rejuvenation offers a great approach for improving the lower lids, if the skin tone is smooth without laxity.
  • I can’t get my eyeliner on with my hooded eyelids.

    Skin excess and hooding seems to be the number one reason for upper lid rejuvenation as we seldom remove fat from the upper lid. Adequate skin reduction from an upper lid will open your lids and brighten your look, giving you room to apply your favorite make-up.
  • Can I have my upper eyelids done without anesthesia?

    Upper eyelid rejuvenation actually can be done comfortably under a local anesthesia only, although most do find that a light sedation makes the process a more relaxing experience.
  • How much bruising will I get after eyelid surgery?

    When we do see bruising it appears in the lower lid area as gravity will tend to draw it there, even if rejuvenation is in the upper lid only. If bruising does set in, it is not as deep as a typical “black eye”. Any bruising can be covered quite well with a concealer.