There has been a continued trend for facelift, or nip and tucks, at a younger age. The idea is one of maintenance rather than repair for signs of aging. After all, many of us would prefer not to age at all. But for those of us who might have delayed facelift or rejuvenation, is it ever too late, or perhaps are the risks just too high? Certainly all cosmetic surgery contains some risk, though for most the risks can be managed. Facelift can be an option at any age though it should begin with a careful plan.

For seniors who have some health issues, and almost all will, your primary care physician will be your advocate to get you into the best of shape and provide a ‘medical clearance’ for cosmetic surgery. High blood pressure, even diabetes which is well controlled, may not hold you back as your physician and our office can partner as a team to see the ‘best’ you become the ‘new’ you. We have been able to take steps which shorten the facelift and neck lift procedure, and find that as we age we require less sedation for comfort and care. An overnight friend can be comfort for some, though there is little to do except rest and relax.

As they say, you may never be too old to look your best and facelift or eyelid rejuvenation can still be a safe option. It can start with a simple dream of getting rid of your loose neck skin. Just know you can follow through with a plan for a safe and comfortable procedure.