With the changes imposed by the national healthcare transition, it seems that more physicians are making a transition into cosmetic surgery, often with very little training. Under current practice in Illinois, any physician in the state may call themselves a cosmetic surgeon, or open offices featuring cosmetic medicine. We are entering the wild west of cosmetic surgery, where your obstetrician may wish to perform your tummy tuck, or even your dentist may ask if will have Botox with your cleaning. Your last treatment may have been featured on the ‘daily deal’, or perhaps you had a facial filler at a hair salon or house party.

Patients don’t often consider that cosmetic surgery is ‘real’ surgery and can have a false sense of security. In Illinois, we seem to have been spared the worst so far, though the national press has been filling with stories of the ‘uni-boob’ after breast augmentation, death by liposuction, breast implants from hell, and unapproved ‘fillers’ with disastrous results. And nationwide it seems revisionary surgery is on the rise. We, too, have seen an increase in the ‘redo’ consultations or second opinions at our office.

We predict that the trend will continue to grow, and it is time to emphasize that cosmetic surgery is a serious surgery and should be performed safely by a well-qualified, experienced surgeon. The best surgeon for you, whether it is Botox and fillers, or breast enhancement and facelift, is one, board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and practicing in an accredited office facility. Good standing in the local medical community is also a must, and don’t forget to ask your surgeon if he or she has privileges to perform the same procedures in the local hospital.

So remember, it’s a wild world out there and you will have to do your homework to play it safe. Or, you could just give us a call. I’ve done the hard part for you.