And the envelope please . . . the results from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery were just released and despite the economy, cosmetic surgery continued to hold its own, and has even grown by 1%. The bottom line is that over 9 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S.last year. Some of the most impressive growth has come from nonsurgical rejuvenation, which made up 82% of the total.

And, the top five cosmetic surgical procedures are: liposuction (325,332 procedures), breast augmentation (316,848 procedures), tummy tuck (149,410 procedures), eyelid surgery (147,540 procedures), and breast lift 127,054 (procedures). Women are still 90% of the total, though there was a small, though significant, increase in men seeking cosmetic procedures. Although breast augmentation and liposuction have been competing neck to neck the past several years, liposuction has again pulled ahead for 2011.

The really big numbers have been in the nonsurgical procedures that we, plastic surgeons, offer. The top five for 2011 are: botulinum, such as, Botox (4,030,318), hyaluronic injectable fillers, such as, Juvederm (1,662,480), laser hair removal (1,452,880), microdermabrasion (794,357), and IPL treatments (726,125).

Perhaps this is your spring to tune up your looks, whether you are ready for nonsurgical skin care, or would like to plunge into liposuction or the breast augmentation you have been waiting for. The aesthetic spa rooms and our private surgical facility are ready and waiting for you!