Every time we have a new breast implant enter the market in the U.S. the news is fairly significant for Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons. Up until this point, plastic surgeons have had two very good choices for those seeking breast augmentation, the Allergan Natrelle®, and the Mentor Memory Gel® implant lines. Worldwide the selection of silicone implants has been all the greater, though now the FDA has released approval for the Silimed® silicone line of breast implants from Sientra®.

We have not seen all the details on the implant series, as the news was just released from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). And, we have yet to compare the new implant warranty with the excellent ones offered from Mentor and Allergan. However, when patient individual needs are concerned, more choice is always good and the new implants will get our closer “look” to see just how and where they fit a special need in our practice, such as the Allergan Gummy Bear 410.

At the Center for Aesthetic Surgery, we have had good experiences and have seen excellent results with the use of the Allergan 410 silicone implant, or 410 gummy bear, and we look forward to the day next year when they will become more broadly available and out of the current study restrictions.