According to the statistics of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, over the past ten years there has been an increase in the number of breast lift procedures by a whopping 600%. Liposuction which remains the most popular cosmetic procedure has seen the demand fall slightly during this same period. We hope that this is a sign that we are finally addressing weight issues, exercising more, and focusing on body shaping, both in and out of clothing. Certainly body shapers, such as Spanx, have seen explosive sales increases. Plastic surgeons, too, have seen the same effort from patients, hoping to get the best look from the skin they are in as well.

What makes breast lift such an attractive procedure is the flexibility in clothing, such as bathing suits and even camisole tops, which might have been unthinkable without a lift. The freedom from dependence on a bra to hold the breast and nipple up on the chest and relief from the dreaded ‘National Geographic’ look can give an incredible boost to the quality of life. Breast lift can correct a breast which has become thin and flat from weight loss, aging, or pregnancy. Would you dare go braless on a hot summer day? The huge increase in breast lift tells us many might not have before, though after a breast lift there is a whole new world of possibilities.