It seems unfortunate that insurance companies and health plans have a continuing trend of denial of coverage for breast reduction surgery. Our experience over the past 20 years has demonstrated, time and again, the incredible benefit to life and health from a breast reduction. Breast reduction surgery has remained as one of the pleasing procedures for patients, with the highest satisfaction rates of all cosmetic surgical procedures. According to ASPS statistics, there were over 80,000 breast reduction procedures in 2009 despite poor support by the insurance industry.

A recent study and review of all the available data on breast reduction was compiled and published by the plastic surgeons at Emory University in the Journal of Plastic Surgery in 2011. Their work compiled data from breast reduction patients from 1977 to 2010. As we all expected there were significant improvements in musculoskeletal pain, headache, improved sleep patterns, less fatigue, and improved breathing. This alone should impress the insurance industry. The bigger news, however, is that breast reduction also had an impact on improved self esteem, improved sexual function, improved quality of life, decreased anxiety and depression, improved exercise, and a reduction in eating disorders! We, too, had noticed that breast reduction patients tend to lose on average 15 pounds after their reduction. This news just couldn’t be any better!

We do enjoy good support for breast reduction from primary care physicians in our community who recognize the benefit to their patients as well. Even if your insurance plan has turned you down and the benefits seem too good to pass you by, our office can help find a way to make reduction a reality for you.