Of course, the best revision of breast augmentation is none at all, and communication is the key to the dream result, matching the expectation to what you see after your augmentation procedure. Where we see the most trouble is with breast augmentation by the numbers. Many practices will ask those seeking breast implants to try an implant on in a bra, and then read the number of the size they like best. The argument goes that you chose the number, and if too big or too small after augmentation, it was after all your decision. Troubles also come from implants that are just too large for the available skin envelope and breast diameter. Other problems are seen with implants pockets which are not centered in the breast with an implant too high or too low, breast asymmetry, or breast droop or ptosis. Finally, the biggest nemesis of all is capsular contracture with a firm and rounded breast.

Breast augmentation revision can’t solve every problem, though if you have a result that falls way short of the real ‘you’ implant exchange for size can be very satisfying. There are also a variety of techniques to improve the breast implant pocket and implant position to get a better marriage between the implant and natural breast tissue. Breast lift can raise the nipple and keep it up front and center on the breast for the best aesthetic result. And capsular contracture, a difficult and recurring problem might respond to newer techniques with an allograft, a new implant pocket, or even a highly textured and form stable implant, such as the gummy bear.

Remember, communication is the most important step before breast augmentation. In order to get the result you expect, be certain that we know what is expected. The implant size is only a number, one which is easily forgotten, the right look will give you confidence and a look worth remembering.