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Just as women can be self-conscious with under-developed breasts, large, heavy or hanging breasts can cause both embarrassments and difficulties all of their own. Dr. Johnson understands that over-development of the breast can cause self-esteem issues, an inability to exercise, difficulty with posture, backache and unwanted attention.

Dr. Johnson has spent many years perfecting his short scar approach to reduce the breast size, relieve the sagging and improve the breast contour and shape. The nipple is not removed or replaced. He will preserve ducts and sensation to the nipple, although some ability to breast-feed may be reduced. Scars are inconspicuous and can be easily covered by most bathing suits and low cut clothing.

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Insurance plans may cover breast reduction surgery. However, denial by an insurance plan or a request by that plan for a harsh or excessive reduction prompts many patients to go outside the ordinary insurance coverage to seek help. At the Center for Aesthetic Surgery, private and comprehensive services are available. The Center prides itself in providing affordable breast reduction surgery for those who may not qualify under today’s restrictive insurance plans.

Breast reduction surgery Chicago offered by a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Johnson. Information about breast reduction techniques, health benefits, recovery time.

We can help to realize your best assets through breast reduction surgery, serving Des Plaines, Chicago, Park Ridge, Arlington Heights, Glenview, Northbrook, Wilmette and the North Shore.



  • Will exercise shrink my breasts?

    For those who are truly overweight, weight loss will indeed reduce breast size. However, for younger individuals with dense breast tissue, weight loss is unlikely to have a significant impact on your actual cup size reduction. We encourage those considering breast reduction surgery to be at their best or ideal body weight before surgery. However, many will continue to experience weight loss after a breast reduction procedure.
  • Do I need a breast reduction and a breast lift?

    One of the most satisfying aspects of breast reduction is that a breast lift, or mastopexy, is incorporated into the breast reduction process. After breast reduction your nipple will be up and forward and you will no longer need to rely on a bra to maintain this shape. Clothing you thought impossible to wear before breast reduction will easily be within reach.
  • How will my G cup look reduced to a C cup?

    Actual breast cup size is often estimated and many women will simply wear what they can find to “fit” with the clothing they are able to wear. The final cup size after breast reduction can depend on your personal preference and most importantly on your chest size and breast width. After any breast reduction procedure the key is an attractive breast shape and breast projection. If the base of the breast is wide, the underwire of a C cup may be too narrow or uncomfortable. A standard D cup is within reach for most.
  • What will my scars be like after breast reduction?

    Breast reduction is performed in one of two ways depending on skin elasticity and the amount of drooping in the breast. The first is performed with either a short scar, known as a vertical pattern. The second is performed in what is called a T pattern. In both, the scar line runs around the nipple as it is raised and lifted to the front of the breast. The skin is then reduced vertically, sometimes called a lollipop pattern. If the excess is great, the skin is reduced horizontally in the fold of the breast which is sometimes referred to as an anchor. Remember breast incision scars will fade over time and we have several options available to help speed this process.
  • What is the best size for my frame?

    The primary goal of breast reduction is to eliminate the strain on the shoulder, neck and back. Aesthetics, however, is also a very important consideration. The final cup size will depend on the size of your frame, the width of your breast, and of course your goals for a better you. Photos are helpful in the planning process to provide an insight into what you feel looks the best.
  • Will my insurance cover breast reduction?

    Insurance plans can vary greatly and the determination for coverage is based on your health plan benefits and each plan’s definition of ‘medical necessity’. Examples of necessity include: just how much pain or difficulty you are experiencing, breast size relative to your size, and the conservative methods you’ve used to alleviate pain and discomfort. The best way to discover if benefits are available to you is through an insurance pre-determination request. This process is initiated by our office after your breast reduction consultation. Our experience shows that insurance coverage is available for many.
  • I am 17 and really want a breast reduction. Can I get one?

    With parental support, 17 years old is not too young to consider a consultation for breast reduction. By 17 some young women have reached a plateau in growth and development. It is important that you understand the trade-offs; such as the breast scar or the limited ability to breast feed. If you are a good candidate and are ready, an excellent time to consider reduction is just after completing high school, before you move on to university or another career.
  • Can I get a B cup after breast reduction?

    Some woman can obtain a B cup with breast reduction surgery. However, for most a small D cup, or perhaps a C cup, is a more realistic goal. You will want enough fullness and projection to enhance your figure and ideally fill out clothing. Investigate bras in your chest size and look for photos of the shape you find most attractive, as these will be instrumental in helping you achieve your desired look.
  • If I am overweight is a breast reduction still worth it?

    In order to look your best we would encourage you to be your best weight. Many find that even when overweight, a very heavy and pendulous breast is an extra and unnecessary burden. Breast reduction has some of the highest cosmetic procedure satisfaction rates for comfort and attractiveness at any size or any age. Many women will be encouraged to lose weight after breast reduction surgery. Overall, you are likely to find that breast reduction is well worth the effort.
  • After breast reduction can my breasts sag again?

    Sagging or drooping of the nipple beneath the breast fold is corrected with the breast reduction procedure. Though you will get older and may gain or lose weight, the breast lift from reduction is very stable. It is unlikely that your breast will sag again or ever require a breast lift. The benefit of the breast lift is an attractive breast shape that is yours to keep.