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When it comes to breast shape, time is not on our side. Almost every woman will eventually notice a gradual loss in the size, shape or feel of their breasts. As bodies age, breasts will sag, droop, soften or flatten out. Even if the breast volume stays the same, the firmness is lost. Dr. Johnson understands this, and in most cases, a breast lift, or mastopexy, can rejuvenate, re-shape and firm the breast. Combined with a breast augmentation or reduction, dramatic improvements in your appearance will result. A breast lift and reduction together can reduce a breast that is overly large or stretched.

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It can also reduce the size of a stretched areola, the darker, pink skin surrounding the nipple. Even breasts that are dissimilar in shape can be adjusted to appear younger, healthier and rejuvenated. Breast lift surgery involves a minimal scar technique that Dr. Johnson has refined over the last several years.

At the Center for Aesthetic Surgery, a breast lift may be performed under general anesthesia or twilight sedation for your comfort. You will be up and about a day or two following surgery. Dr. Johnson will send you home in a garment fit to your new shape and size. He and his staff will be available to you throughout the recovery process.

Breast lift surgery in Chicago, Illinois offered by board certified plastic surgeon Peter E Johnson MD. Information about breast lift surgery, mastopexy procedures, and surgical care.



  • What type and size implant will I need for lifting?

    Breast lift with augmentation is a very popular combination because it marries both lift and volume. The breast implant provides volume to create fill in the upper portion of the breast. The lift shapes the skin envelope and positions the nipple up over the front of the breast and well above the breast fold. There are many implant choices in saline and silicone to perfect your goal. Important questions to consider during your consultation for breast lift with augmentation include how much volume you want and where it is desired.
  • Will a crescent mastopexy give me a younger appearing breast?

    A crescent lift involves removing skin above the nipple and is used most often in combination with breast augmentation to keep the nipple well up over the breast implant. When the nipple does droop to the lower half of the implant we do associate this with aging. A crescent lift or mastopexy will give the breast a much younger and youthful appearance.
  • What will my breast lift scars be like?

    There are many surgical patterns that we use in breast lift procedures. The scar pattern depends on the distance that the nipple must be lifted to the front of the breast and the skin excess in the breast envelope. Because breast lift is much about nipple position, almost all of the scar line will run around the nipple. In some cases, it will also run from the nipple to the fold and for fewer across the breast fold as well. Breast scars will soften and fade, though the healing time will depend on skin type and personal characteristics. Scar cream and silicone sheeting are two treatments we recommend to speed the process.
  • I’m getting a breast lift with 360 cc implants; how big will I be?

    Eventual cup size is very difficult to predict based on breast implants alone. Your starting cup size and chest and breast width has much to do with implant selection. The most important consideration should be what you wish to look like and wear after a lift with implants. Work with trial bras and photos. Be sure to let us know what you have discovered as the best look for you.
  • Is a Bennelli lift enough for pseudoptosis?

    Breast ptosis is described in grades, depending on how far the center of the nipple has descended below the natural breast fold. When the nipple is at the breast fold, we consider this pseudoptosis. A Bennelli lift, or around the nipple lift pattern, may be enough to achieve a successful result. Even a crescent lift with an implant may be another option to correct pseudoptosis. The ideal surgical technique for your breast lift will depend on your unique physical characteristics and goals.
  • Should I have an augmentation first or is it better to have a breast lift at the same time?

    Breast augmentation with a breast lift is a very popular and effective combination, if the breast has lost volume or the nipple droops and sits below the natural breast fold. A combined procedure of augmentation with breast lift simplifies recovery as well. Some may be on the borderline. A well chosen implant may provide the adequate lift you desire. For those who are undecided, separating breast augmentation and breast lift procedures can be the best approach.
  • Will I need pain medication after breast lift?

    Breast lift without augmentation can be a very simple recovery. Even if combined with breast augmentation, commonly prescribed pain medication will easily see you through the several days of stiffness and any discomfort after your procedure. It is unusual for anyone to require medication for a longer period of time.
  • I’m just 19 so why are my breasts sagging already?

    Breast shape can be an inherited characteristic, or can also be caused by pregnancy and aging. As such, some things just are not fair. Young women can indeed have a very ptotic or sagging breast with the nipple quite low or pointing downward. Fortunately, sagging breasts can be corrected and 19 might not be too young to consider the benefits of breast lift.
  • Do I need implants for a breast lift?

    Breast implants can influence breast shape during a breast lift. However, implants are certainly not necessary for beautiful results. Some will indeed do better without the need for implants depending on individual preferences and goals for the procedure.
  • Will a breast lift make my breasts smaller?

    The goals of breast lift are correction of the nipple position and reduction of the excess skin for a firm and pert breast. While the skin envelope is adjusted, the available breast tissue is maintained, shaped and tailored so that breast size and breast shape can be enhanced. Unless a small reduction or correction of breast asymmetry is part of your goal, your cup size should remain unchanged after breast lift.