Diary of a Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants
Love my new look!

Dr. Johnson asked me for my experience about my breast augmentation and ordinarily I consider myself shy and keep things to myself. He thought my story might be beneficial to others. To other women, this is just a small thing. But when something really bothers you it is not small at all. My husband told me that I didn’t need to do this, but he has been there for me through the whole thing. We have two small children at home and I didn’t know what they would think, but they didn’t even notice! And really, my breast surgery is just for me. I had the bras in my drawer that I wore when I was pregnant. And in the early months, when my breasts swelled before I showed, I really looked great. It was summer, I looked at myself in my bathing suit, and I looked wonderful. Of course, you know what happens months and two children later. My breasts feel like the air has been let out of them. I saw that old picture in the bathing suit and knew I had to do something. I wanted to feel good again.

I have two friends who have seen Dr. Johnson, so I decided it was time to see him. You do have to be so careful choosing a surgeon, but from the moment he walked in, I knew my friends were right. Dr. Johnson and his staff made me feel comfortable and were truly listening to what I wanted and needed to know. He was warm and encouraging. He looked at my pictures and I started to tell him about my husband’s concern but he told me that I should do this only for me. Dr Johnson checked into my health before telling me that I was a good candidate. He and his staff gave me a whole package of information to help me through the process. I did not realize that there were so many selections about incisions and implants! The consultation went well, and I think that he really cared about me as a person and what I wanted. His nursing staff treated me the same way. And after meeting with him, I didn’t need to feel embarrassed about cosmetic surgery at all. I was glad to be scheduled at his Center within two weeks. I was looking forward to summer and having my breast augmentation behind me.

The patient coordinator explained all the fees and financing, and that there were no hidden costs. My implants came with a lifetime guarantee. The week before surgery the nurse called to confirm and I did get nervous. There seemed like there was so much to do, including getting mom to watch the kids. I also had to spend a lot of time with girlfriends the week before so that I wasn’t missed. I didn’t want any questions. The night before my husband had everything ready, seltzer water, filled the pain prescription, and rented movies. I was excited as the kids were on their sleepover.

Dr. Johnson and his staff met me right away, took me to my recovery suite and helped me change into a little blue gown and a big white fluffy robe. The nurse went through an explanation of what was going to happen. I met the anesthetist. She also explained to me what I was to expect. The nurse gave me a hug and told me not to worry. Dr. Johnson took some photographs. He told me that I would be curious to see them after and he was right. I sure enjoyed looking at the after pictures but the before pictures only once. The nurse gave me a little medication to make me feel more relaxed. It made me feel warm and a little dizzy and the operating suite did appear a little scary. Everything was sparkling and clean. I remember the warm blanket and the anesthetist talking softly to me but all the rest was a complete fog. Somehow, I was back in my recovery suite. My chest felt a bit heavy and my breasts felt really large. I felt down and the bra was in place as promised. I was back in the big white robe with warm blankets. How did they do it?

I had some soreness along the muscle. My implants went underneath my chest muscle. I had them put in through a little incision around the edge of the nipple. The nurse gave me a little more pain medication before my trip home. The day after, my breasts were sensitive. My nipples were swollen, not much bruising but I did feel somewhat large. I got a telephone call that morning and the nurse and she talked me through the things I would experience that day. She explained the swelling, how to use my pain medication and just what to eat and do. The pain medication worked pretty well. I was comfortable but tired. All the preparation really paid off. I talked to the kids that morning. I was so worried about them and they could only spare two minutes on the phone because they were busy having fun. Oh well!

I put a bag of frozen peas on my chest to cool things down. The nurse will tell you all about that. I laid back on my comforter and turned on Netflix. I got to watch movies that I never get to see with children at home. By the third day, I was walking around pretty well. I got in the shower, which was great. I could have done this two days earlier but I was trying to be careful. I was going to see Dr. Johnson at his office that afternoon. When I got there, he took me in right away. He checked the fit of my bra and made sure that I didn’t have any questions. The nurse made sure that I had all the medications I needed and back home I went to finish my recovery. He told me I would be up and about in a week and driving. I didn’t believe him but he was right. He also told me that the swelling and the tightness around my chest would continue to go down. I didn’t want the swelling to go down too much.

I went back to work after that week. At first, I thought people would catch something right away. However, people were more interested in what I did on vacation! Dr. Johnson saw me again in two weeks and encouraged me to stay in my soft bra for two months. I am well beyond the two months now and I can wear any bra I want, even a pushup bra, but who needs that. I go braless whenever I want. I couldn’t do that before. As for the kids, they never noticed. As for my husband, he loves the confidence in me and I do too!

I look great, and it shows in my attitude. People think I look great. When I smile, people smile back. Remember my old picture when I was pregnant? Well I have lots of pictures like that now. It is hard to explain my reasons for having cosmetic surgery but what Dr Johnson did for me is just for me. It’s what I am supposed to be and I love it.