Breast Procedures in Chicago Illinois

Beautiful breast enhancement is something for which Dr. Johnson is best known and admired. His renowned techniques for artistic shaping, breast augmentation, lift, or reduction can make dramatic improvements in your appearance.

Dr. Johnson has pioneered many of these procedures from experience gained in total restoration of the breast, including cases of birth defects or mastectomies, and has elevated breast enhancement to produce refined, extremely natural breast results.

Breast Enhancement Is More Than Breast Augmentation

There are millions of women who benefit from breast enhancement. Some are self-conscious because their breasts are too small, too large or have lost their shape. Dr. Johnson understands the serious impact these feelings can have on your well being. A leading cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Johnson is dedicated to helping you find the perfect size and shape.

Special Breast Problems Need Unique Solutions

Many factors can lead to unflattering changes in the breast; pregnancy, weight loss, uneven development, or tuberous breast shape. At Dr. Johnson’s Center for Aesthetic Surgery, we have solutions to the most challenging breast problems. Breast lifting and shaping, breast reduction with or without breast implants, breast expansion and fat grafting can be styled to give beautiful, natural breast shape, projection and symmetry beyond imagination. Leave covering up and embarrassment a thing of the past.

For natural breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction results in Chicago IL, contact plastic surgeon, Dr Peter E Johnson today. Creating beautiful breasts in Des Plaines, Chicago, Park Ridge, Arlington Heights, Glenview, Northbrook, Wilmette and the North Shore.

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