Diary of a Tummy Tuck in Chicago Illinois

I knew after my first pregnancy that my stomach was in trouble. The skin never went back the way it is supposed to. Now after three children, my stomach was hard to look at. I tried creams for stretch marks but my stomach seemed hopeless. I took the kids to the pool a lot but even my one piece bathing suit didn’t hide the loose skin. A two piece? Forget it. I’m not real showy. I’m busy with three kids but why shouldn’t I feel sexy and beautiful?

I heard about Dr. Johnson and looked at his website and there in the before and after pictures was someone who had a stomach just like mine! I was worried about recovery after my “mommy tuck”. Three kids are not easy. But Dr. Johnson had a technique that was easy for me. I was in pretty good shape after just one week, awesome after two. My tummy tuck was done in Dr. Johnson’s private surgery center. I didn’t have to go to a hospital, and I felt pretty good at home that night too. I started with little walks around the house at first and got around pretty well after a day or two.

My stomach looks better than I could have ever imagined. I can wear what I want and my stomach looks pretty, like it did before the kids. The tummy tuck was more than worth it and I am so glad I found Dr. Johnson.