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Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is explained by leading board certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Peter E. Johnson. Learn more about his philosophy on tummy tuck surgery, procedure information, and care after surgery.

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Tummy Tuck is Right for You

Though liposuction alone can help many reduce unwanted fat, others may find a tummy tuck to be the right solution. Dr. Peter Johnson, often encounters patients who have dieted, jogged, nearly everything possible but still were unable to reduce unsightly fat deposits in their abdomen and stomach area. Dr. Johnson’s goal for a tummy tuck procedure is to create a flat, firm stomach, as well as a thinner waist. As with all of his surgical procedures, Dr. Johnson tailors a tummy tuck procedure to an individual’s needs, with a variety of surgical techniques. A partial tummy tuck, or mini tummy tuck, can be applied in conjunction with liposuction, also referred to liposculpture.

If you have skin laxity, loose skin or stretch marks above the belly button, you could be an ideal candidate for a full tummy tuck. If your skin laxity is limited to the area below your belly button, a modified abdominoplasty would be best suitable for you, (also known as a “partial” or “mini” tummy tuck.) Both abdominoplasty techniques, tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck procedures can also be combined with cosmetic liposuction for the best body contouring results. In your complimentary cosmetic consultation with Dr. Johnson, he will take the time to explain which tummy tuck procedure will best achieve your needs.

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Sleeker, Stronger, Slimmer, Faster.

At the Center for Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Johnson’s goal with a tummy tuck procedure is to tighten the abdominal muscles to provide a sleeker, stronger abdominal wall, as well as making the waist smaller. Any loose, lax skin often compromised by stretch marks, is removed. As for recovery, you will be up in a day or two after surgery, but activity may be restricted for three or four weeks while your tissues firm and heal. Most of Dr. Johnson’s patients return to work within a couple of weeks, ready to make a fresh start.

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Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, in Chicago offered by Dr. Peter E. Johnson, a board certified plastic surgeon. Contact for information about tummy tuck surgery, procedure information, and post surgery care.



  • What is a tummy tuck recovery like?

    Recovery for tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is generally one week. If a hernia or significant muscle laxity is also present, two weeks of recovery might be recommended. The tummy tuck procedure today is an in-office procedure without tubes or drains. Individuals are expected to walk and move about as much as possible right after the procedure. Showering is possible within a day or two. Most will be out and about within a week following tummy tuck and out actively walking within 2 weeks. Though more challenging than many procedures, the results for a tummy tuck can be extremely rewarding and with preparation a smooth process.
  • Where we will my scar be after tummy tuck?

    For best results from tummy tuck, we prefer to keep the incision line or scar quite low at the level of a typical C-section, running approximately hip to hip, to keep the scar concealed underneath your under pant or bathing suit. There is an additional incision line which is tucked in around the belly button, where it stays in its natural location as the excess skin is pulled downward and trimmed. The belly button scar is handled carefully as this is an area visible on the abdomen. After full healing you should feel confident in whatever you choose to wear.
  • How much weight will I lose after a tummy tuck?

    Some will indeed lose several pounds after tummy tuck. However, your best results will be realized if you are at an ideal body weight, the weight you will remain at for years to come following your procedure. Liposuction is used over the hip and transitions into the flank, or side, to further contour for the best shape and best result. If you’re excited about your new look, chances are weight loss will be in your future.
  • I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago and now I am pregnant. What will happen?

    Your prior tummy tuck will not interfere with your pregnancy and it is expected that you will carry to term without difficulty. Pregnancy is of course the #1 reason for completing a tummy tuck and it is possible that you will again develop some laxity or diastases after your delivery. The good news is that some simply do not. Relax and look forward to your growing family.
  • How long will my drains stay in after tummy tuck?

    Fortunately, drains after tummy tuck are a thing of the past. Our techniques at the Center for Aesthetic Surgery have advanced where drains are unnecessary in tummy tuck procedures. Patients feel better, are able to walk more easily and get in and out of the shower almost immediately after the procedure. This small step has vastly improved the recovery and tummy tuck experience.
  • Will I have liposuction during my tummy tuck?

    Unless you are quite thin most will have some liposuction over the transition point along the hip and onto the side or flank to improve the contour and narrowing of the waist. We believe that this is an important step and is included in the tummy tuck procedure. Some do choose liposuction in other areas such as the inner thigh, or liposculpting through the neck and chin, depending upon their individual goals.
  • What can I do to help minimize the scar after a tummy tuck?

    The tummy tuck scar will take time to heal and fade after your procedure. Depending on your skin type the scar might appear thick or pigment. The scar is strategically placed where it is concealed under clothing and over time it will fade. We have found that silicone gel sheets are very helpful in speeding the healing process and that silicone based scar creams may also be beneficial.
  • How long should I wait after pregnancy for my tummy tuck?

    Pregnancy places extraordinary stresses on the skin and abdominal tissue. It will take several months of post pregnancy rest and recovery before a proper tummy tuck can be carried out. Right after pregnancy you can be easily discouraged however many will find their abdomen recovers better than expected. We prefer to wait a period of 6 months before office consultation to decide the best option for you.
  • Can my hernia be repaired during my tummy tuck?

    Small abdominal hernias such as umbilical hernias are often encountered during tummy tuck and are part of the repair of the diastases or separation of the sit up muscles during the procedure. Even larger ventral hernias after weight loss can be easily approached and repaired during the tummy tuck procedure as well.
  • Do I need a full or mini tummy tuck?

    The key difference between full and mini or partial tummy tuck has to do with skin laxity in the central abdomen, above the belly button. Only a full tummy tuck will address the laxity in these areas, as a mini tummy tuck focuses exclusively on excess skin below the belly button. For a fortunate number, a mini tummy tuck with repair of the diastases and correction of laxity will do. But if central laxity or an upper fold is present, the full tummy tuck is right option for you.