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Breast Lift Popularity

Breast lift procedures continue to rise in popularity. According to recent numbers, breast lift has seen a 600% increase. It seems that women have shifted their interest from having what they never had with a breast augmentation, to having what they have lost, due to pregnancy, aging, gravity, or weight loss with breast lift. Over […]

Botox Unit Dance

The cost of Botox is on the rise. Sure, there was a price increase by Allergan recently. However, we notice that the number of units recommended is creeping ever upward. What is behind the trend? Is Botox no longer working, or perhaps are there ever more indications than before? Well as one plastic surgeon, Botox […]

A Strong Chin and Stronger First Impression

Competition at the office isn’t getting any easier today and despite the growing economy, the pressure to compete is growing as well. Men in particular suffer from the weak chin, and lack of authority in the workplace, as nothing presents better than strong square looks in the boardroom. Now that job opportunity and mobility have […]