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Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedure?

The public interest in cosmetic plastic surgery is endless, and each year as our practice statistics are released we can just feel the excitement as we open the envelop and pronounce, “And the winner is”. What we notice in our practice, and this reflects the trends nationally, is that the hands down winner year after […]

Facelift. Planning For a Big Event?

Many cosmetic procedures are centered around life’s big events such as weddings and reunions. Facelift and other procedures in facial rejuvenation are on the top of the ‘getting ready’ list. Proper planning is the key to get you camera ready for your big event. It might take some a year to plan a wedding, though […]

Courage With Breast Cancer Can Inspire Us All

Some find it a surprise that in our aesthetic center we face issues that are reconstructive in nature. The creativity and innovation in breast reconstruction forms a basis for cosmetic breast enhancement as well. Breast cancer is familiar to most of us, as with one out of seven women affected are by the disease. And […]