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Cosmetic Advice from a Salesperson or a Physician?

It seems that the United Kingdom might finally be stepping up to do what we as Plastic Surgeons had hoped would occur in the United States ages ago. Deceptive advertising and scandal has exploded in the European cosmetic surgery industry. The regulatory agencies had been reeling under the strain from the PIP implant recall and […]

Take Control of Aging on Your Breasts

Two key factors are at play when it comes to the physical appearance of aging — genetics and environmental wear and tear. Each of us is on our own predetermined aging curve, depending upon how well we chose our parents. However, the environmental impact is our opportunity to make the critical difference. Just think about […]

Facelift — How Long does it Last?

One of the most common questions about facelift from patients today is how long will my facelift last? Of course, there are many skin types and patterns of aging that will influence the longevity of a youthful appearance. We also have to consider factors out of our control, such as environmental influences and genetics. Finally, […]

Breast Augmentation: How Far will you go?

We have heard a lot of talk about a new poll that was recently published by Reuters concerning the global shift in healthcare world wide. Each year hundreds of thousands seek health care outside the U.S. for everything from dental care to infertility treatments, and not surprisingly cosmetic surgery is near the top of the […]