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Considering Large Breast Implants? When can ‘Big’ be ‘Too Big’?

The stock market has often been compared to hemlines. When skirt hemlines are rising so is the market, and as hem lines fall goes the Dow Jones market index. With the recovery and rise of the stock market since 2008, we have seen hemlines in skirts and shorts as high as they can go. Confidence […]

Breast Augmentation: The Shape of Things to Come

Though it seemed that the evolution of the silicone gel breast implant stopped with the silicone implant moratorium in 1992, our office among others, continued clinical trials of implants we hoped will improve the outcome of breast reconstruction. Implants at the time of the moratorium came in a limited variety, round low to moderate profile […]

The Ultimate in Breast Lift

Breast lift is an increasingly attractive option for rejuvenating and restoring a youthful and perky shape lost over pregnancy, or perhaps weight gain and loss. Traditionally, breast lift has been about firming the breast tissue, and lifting the nipple up and onto the front of the breast. At best, a great lift is a ‘no […]

Mesotherapy at the Day Spa

We received a call today in the office from an individual who was at a spa in downtown Chicago, and underwent a mesotherapy treatment by a “therapist” and she was very alarmed by the severe facial swelling and pain, and a misunderstanding of what she had gotten into. She had called the spa and they […]

Sizing Up Breast Augmentation Revision

Considering the need to revise any cosmetic surgical procedure, we tend to think about complications — a poor scar, bleeding, perhaps an infection which may have occurred after a procedure, all of which are the ‘real’ risks of a surgical procedure. However, when it comes to breast augmentation it seems that breast size is ‘the’ […]

The Medi Spa Crisis; Is there is Doctor in the House?

It seems that medispas are everywhere today with hair salons and health clubs offering treatments such as facials, lasers, microdermabrasion and even injections, such as Botox and facial fillers. Of course ‘medi’ suggests medical, and injections certainly fall under services that require skilled, licensed medical care. There is no gray area here. When someone is […]

Botox and Juvederm, what is the difference?

With the extreme popularity of both products in our office, Botox and Juvederm, we continually have to sort out confusion between the two, and what each can accomplish. Just today on the Twitter stream the issue was raised. Do you need one, or the other, or will you need both? In order to set the […]

Psychological Screening before Cosmetic Surgery?

While catching up on the pulse of the nation, I just happened to notice that we have been re-branded as part of the ‘Sun Scare’ Industry. Yes, we have been guilty of giving out “misinformation” about the harms and risks of ultraviolet radiation and been active participants in recommending sun blocks and sunscreens to hapless […]

Proud Member of the ‘Sun Scare’ Industry

According to new findings, which will be presented this July by the Center of Appearance Research located in Bristol, little is known about the psychological impact of aesthetic surgery, and ability of patients to cope and function long-term. Here in the U.S., we might call this ‘long term’ satisfaction with cosmetic surgical procedures. Based on […]