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Facts Grow about Fat Grafting and Lipo-Transfer

True, fat grafting into the breast is controversial. However, as we have gained experience, we find that some of the early concerns of calcification and cysts can be minimized and the result from grafting or lipo-transfer can be durable. The most important application at the present is filling contour deformities and improving the result of […]

Cosmetic Surgery: Who Should You have it for?

As my homepage came up on the computer today I noted an article on concerning a college student who was worried about her summer at home because her mother has been nagging her to look better and pushing her to have cosmetic surgery to improve her life. Surely, this is the stuff of daytime […]

The New “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants

The new line of breast implants which has come available will include a very cohesive gel implant, which maintains a stable shape, nicknamed the “gummy bear” breast implant. We have been interested in the “gummy bear” and have studied the Allergan 410 “gummy bear” for breast reconstruction for several years now, in anticipation of market […]

Chin Implant Surgeries — The Dramatic Increase

By now, you have probably seen the “quoted” dramatic rise in the popularity of chin augmentation which has blanketed the internet — noted everywhere from Fox News to WebMD. Although chin augmentation procedures have seen a 70% increase, the actual number of chin implants performed is roughly about 20,000. Compared to breast augmentation where 300,000 […]

Fifty Years with Silicone Gel Breast Implants. What’s on the Horizon in 2016? [Part 5 of 5]

As I began this series, we have come to a new chapter in the use of the silicone gel breast implant. The chapter actually began in 2006 when the FDA released silicone gel back into the for breast augmentation. The silicone “crisis” never reached other countries in the world, only the U.S.with its very […]

The Silicone Gel Breast Implant, the Most Studied Device in the World [Part 4 of 5]

During the silicone breast implant moratorium, juries continued to grant large awards based on “junk science” and an unproven link to autoimmune illness, and the plaintiff’s bar and “experts” continued to reap huge fees for their efforts. Even before the historic bankruptcy of Dow Corning, the medical community responded with study after study failing to […]

The Silicone Gel Implant Moratorium [Part 3 of 5]

In the spring of 1992, thirty years after the development of the silicone gel breast implant, Dr. David Kessler the head of the FDA placed a moratorium on the use of the silicone gel implant. This decision occurred despite the fact that FDA expert panels were unable to find any casual link to illness. Despite […]

New Alternatives for Breast Reconstruction are Emerging

Currently about 250,000 women will face breast cancer each year. As our screening and detection have improved, our patients have become younger and fortunately, the breast cancers have become smaller. The early diagnosis with smaller cancers, many of which are noninvasive, has pushed the interest in reconstruction. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) data […]

The U.S. is not the most “Nip and Tucked” Nation after all!

We often get a bad reputation for being a culture obsessed with youth and beauty, driven to stay competitive while at work and out and about. The U.S. is certainly the largest market for both surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures. However, according to a recent survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons […]

Silicone Breast Implants on Trial and the Advent of ‘Junk Science’ [Part 2 of 5]

As we continue to look back at the amazing history of the silicone gel breast implant, it seemed that by the 1980’s we had the ideal solution at hand for augmentation and reconstruction of the breast. Though implant rupture might require a second surgery for removal, and implant hardening was a problem for some, there […]