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Healthy Skin — Develop a Lifetime of it with Us

As children, our skin needs very little care — just cleaning, moisture and, of course, sun protection. But as we age, beginning in our thirties, our skin begins to behave differently. Moisture content starts to diminish, and collagen production begins to slow down. Also, the elastic fibers in the skin begin to give way and […]

Breast Reduction Evolves as an Office Based Cosmetic Procedure

On a regular basis our practice sees individuals who have a very large and heavy breasts who are unable to find bras or clothing that will fit both their upper and lower body. Bathing suits are out of the question, back strain is a daily problem, and exercise a challenge. In the past, we had […]

Welcome Generation X: Cosmetic Surgery is trending to a Younger Age Group

Review of plastic surgery procedures by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has revealed a new trend in the demand for cosmetic procedures. According to their 2010 statistics there had been a shift from the Boomers, to Generation X, as the drivers and consumers of cosmetic surgery procedures. The 30 to 45-year-old group, or […]