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Plastic Surgery on the Rise Again for the Second Straight Year despite Difficult Times

Interest in plastic surgery has remained strong, both in our Chicago practice and nationally, as recently reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, of which we are proud members. We are fortunate that 2011 was a pretty good year because individuals, out and about in the workplace and job market, understood the importance of […]

Botox versus Dysport

Botox has been a standard in our practice for the control of frown lines or ‘eleven’s’, softening crow’s feet by the corner of the eye, lip lines, and let’s not forget forehead lines that build up over time. We have had excellent results by mapping each treatment and have our followers in a consistent program […]

Is Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction a Reality Today?

There is a virtual news storm on television and over the internet concerning stem cell reconstruction of the breast since an announcement by Suzanne Somers, a noted television personality, that she had chosen stem cell reconstruction of her breast after lumpectomy and radiation. The story has been covered by popular programs such as Dr. Oz, […]

Breast Implants: Can they save your life?

After breast augmentation, there is a worry that breast implants might limit a very robust and physical life because of a concern that breast implants can rupture. Mammograms, perhaps, cause the first worry, followed by strenuous active adventures, such as scuba diving, and rock climbing. Even kick boxing will come up as a risk to […]

Confusion about Liposuction is on the Rise

The competitive world of medical technology is always trying to build the better tool for liposuction. We have reached a point in the medical arms race where there is confusion as to the ‘best’ way to perform liposuction or body shaping. Monthly, the list of various techniques seems to lengthen: traditional, tumescent, ultrasound, water, tickle, […]

Breast Implants: Choosing the one that’s Right for You!

I am frequently asked which implant is the most natural and the best one to use for breast augmentation. The truth is that we should not think of one implant as better than another, but as the best implant for a particular individual, given differences in breast shape, …the breast tissue available to cover the […]

Studys show you Look 7+ Years Younger after Facelift

We have always relied on face and neck lift as a foundation for facial rejuvenation. Facelift has been a very popular procedure in our practice for those who simply wish to look their best. How much improvement do patients enjoy from facelift procedures? A recent study quoted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has […]

Men and Cosmetic Surgery — What do we Want?

We hear that men make up 10% of individuals seeking improvements through cosmetic surgery. Our experience shows that Chicago men have every interest in maintaining an edge in today’s competitive business environment. Although cosmetic surgery may not always be top of mind, one procedure does stand out for its’ ease and impact. Upper and Lower […]

Stem Cell Facelift: Is it really here?

You may have heard about stem cells and stem cell facelift, a “new” technique to restore youth and vitality, and tighten facial skin. We have been aware with very early research that enriching fat grafts with stem cells may increase the regenerative properties. Fat grafting is often a component of facelift and facial rejuvenation, and […]

RX for Anti Aging Skin Care

Try to imagine a world without sunscreen. Most of us grew up without understanding the true effects of photo aging. We are born with healthy smooth clear skin and while young, our skin cells can usually keep up with the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. But with prolonged contact, the damage extends to the DNA […]