Discover the look you were born to have.

Today is the day to begin loving what you see in the mirror, and loving what others will see in you. Dr. Peter Johnson, Chicago North Shore Cosmetic Surgeon, believes that beauty is in the details, that each person’s goal is unique and requires a customized approach. He believes that even the smallest improvement can change your outlook on life, that you can reinvent yourself without compromising your own natural look. Feeling beautiful gives you confidence and you have the power to feel and look beautiful at any age.

Meet Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter E. Johnson

Dr. Peter E. Johnson, a board certified plastic surgeon, has years of experience and extensive surgical training to perform cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery on all areas of the face, breast, and body. His artful technique produces beautiful results designed to enhance your look while still appearing fresh and natural.

Dr. Johnson’s Perspective on Plastic Surgery

People generally find it hard to appreciate how life altering aesthetic surgery can be, and just how important. A person’s motivation to undergo a cosmetic procedure is much more than vanity; it touches who they are. What people look like, not just to others but also to themselves is an important part of their personal identity.

The personal philosophy that guides my practice is quite simple. We must always strive to do what is right for our patient, remaining committed to doing our best. We must never lose the compassion and integrity needed to see our patient as a whole person, and to recognize the best outcome as one that is right for their individual needs.

As you explore this website you will find a broad spectrum of cosmetic procedures and approaches available today. In my practice I don’t dogmatically follow any particular technique or trend. My practice focuses on patients rather than procedures. Years of experience have given me a perspective through which to view my patient’s needs and all available.

Dr. Johnson – Center for Aesthetic Surgery