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Cherry Blossom Facial

This month we are featuring the Cherry Blossom Facial to help kick off spring and get your skin feeling fresh after the drabness of winter. Each product in this month’s facial has been hand picked for its unique benefits to the skin beginning with our Cherry Exfoliating Enzyme. Cherries are a naturally rich source of […]

Looking skin smart for spring!

Every year spring seems to come when we least expect it. Whether at home or at work, spring is the best time to finish up on the past and prepare for new projects. Don’t forget that spring cleaning should always include your skin, as changes in weather and outdoor activity affects your current skin care […]

Skincare Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Traveling: Fabulous Skincare Tips The holiday season is without a doubt one of the busiest and most hectic times of the year. Between the shopping, cooking, and cleaning it is easy to feel overwhelmed. For many, the holidays also mean traveling to visit family and friends out of town. Regardless of whether you are […]

Spa-tacular Rewards Program Monthly Newsletter

Hello and Welcome to the Spa-tacular Monthly Newsletter! It’s a very exciting time at Dr. Johnson’s Center for Aesthetic Surgery. We have officially launched our brand new Spa-tacular Rewards Program to thank you for your continued loyalty over the years. So what is it? Well it’s all about you! If you are reading this you […]

Fall Skincare Tips and Treatments

Living in the Midwest comes with its fair share of weather, usually brutally harsh winters and blazing hot summers. Navigating through the radical shifts in season can prove to be a formidable challenge, especially for our skin. Summer sends our skin into self defense mode; it is constantly trying to protect us from the heat […]

Dermaplaning, Dermafiling, Dermabrasion

What’s the difference? How do I know what treatment is best for me? The world of esthetics and skincare is always changing. Scientific advancements in technology and better understanding of how the body ages has lead to breakthroughs in the way we take care of ourselves and how we combat the aging process. But with […]

Dark Spots Spotlight

They come out of nowhere, one morning you wake up and all of the sudden there they are…spots! Dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, discoloration, liver spots, whatever you want to call them they sprout seemingly overnight. You think “Where did these spots come from? Those weren’t there before. How on earth do I make them […]

Is it Melanoma? Or just another mole?

Unfortunately the life of a plastic surgeon is not always beauty and glamour, and as members of the health care community we are on the front line of skin cancer recognition and treatment. The diagnosis of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, can be confusing to patients. Most of us will have between […]

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Springtime Care

Spring is as important time to gear up for coming sun season. Most of us are in a habit to use UV protection, and when combined with antioxidants we get the best defense for our skin. But what about the damage that is already done? Accumulated UV exposure results in uneven skin tones and blemishes, […]

Its the Season for Microdermabrasion & Facial Peels

Over winter with lack of sun and moisture, our skin goes into hibernation, and the outer dry layer begins to build. The winter dryness can lead to the development of fine lines, loss of supple skin tone, and the dry buildup can cause the appearance of age spots and telltale signs of environmental damage. Spring […]