Skin Care Products

“So, what do you use on your skin?”

As an esthetician, I hear this question… A LOT.

My skin is under constant scrutiny from my patients. After all, would you trust a dentist with your teeth if their’s were yellow, scuzzy, and crooked?… Probably not.

In other words, since my job involves taking care of your skin, I had better be taking care of my own, right?

Well, I do… Religiously!

It is also my job to test almost any, and every skin care product on the market, so that I know exactly what to recommend to my patients. New products and technologies come out everyday, so staying on top of the latest and greatest can be a job all its own. However, when you find products and treatments that work for you, you tend to stick to them.

So, in response to the often asked question of what I use on my skin, below are the following products I currently cannot live without!

– Kerri,
(Esthetician at the Center for Aesthetic Surgery)

1. SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser

Why I Love It It effectively takes off my many layers of makeup, (including foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eye shadow, liner, mascara, and lipstick), without making my face feel tight or dry. Plus, it smells like an orange orchard!

Who Is This Product For? Any skin type can use this cleanser, including sensitive. I like it for its ability to multitask, allowing you to eliminate the extra step of using makeup remover.


2. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF

Why I Love It As a former acne sufferer, this potent, and extremely lightweight antioxidant serum helps protect my fair skin from sun damage without triggering new breakouts. I apply it every morning, without fail.

Who Is This Product For? Everyone needs a good antioxidant to protect, and prevent aging from the sun. Phoretin CF is mainly for a combination/oily skin type, but CE Ferulic provides the same benefits for a normal/dry skin type.


3. SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector

Why I Love It Battling acne for years left its mark… Literally, on my face! Having a fair complexion also makes me prone to sun damage. I use Advanced Pigment Corrector twice a day in conjunction with Phloretin CF, Retinol, and chemical peels to get rid of my hyper-pigmentation, and prevent more from surfacing.

Who Is This Product For? Anyone concerned with discoloration in their skin, whether caused by the sun, acne, or hormones.


4. SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0

Why I Love It I have been an avid retinol user for years, and for me, the stronger the better. I apply this Retinol 1.0 treatment 3 times a week, (at night time only). To me, it is the Zamboni machine of skin care, erasing everything in its path: lines, acne, dark spots, texture, you name it! However, it is not a product for beginners. Due to its strength, it needs to be used and applied carefully. It is advised that you talk to your esthetician first before starting a retinol regime.

Who Is This Product For? Most skin types can use a retinol regime, but a gradual introduction is always best, and the strength used can vary. Always talk to your esthetician or doctor before adding retinol to your skin care regime.


5. SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore

Why I Love It This Triple Lipid Restore treatment keeps my skin soft and supple, even when using a strong retinol, (since retinols are typically very drying to the skin.) Think of your skin as a balloon slowly loosing air, and wrinkling as it ages. This moisturizer works to help blow this balloon back up by restoring its original fullness and volume.

Who Is This Product For? Anyone who is concerned with dryness, dullness, or loss of volume in their skin. This product works best on normal/dry skin types; though, some combination skin types can use it as well.


6. SkinCeuticals SPF 50 Sheer or Fusion

Why I Love It Being fair-skinned, I am a sunscreen connoisseur: ones for the face and body, lotions, creams, sprays, and all of the above. (I would honestly marinate in it, if I could!) Fortunately, SkinCeuticals carries my favorite, daily sunscreens for my face, neck, and chest. The Sheer SPF formula goes on transparently, while the Fusion formula has a tinted coverage, (best for the days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup.) They are both super lightweight, mineral-based, and SPF 50.

Who Is This Product For? I cannot repeat this enough: SPF is ESSENTIAL, EVERYDAY, for EVERYONE! It is the #1 preventative method you can apply to combat aging of the skin, and protect yourself from skin cancer.