Liposuction in Chicago Illinois

Liposuction or Liposculpture performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Peter E. Johnson MD. For information about liposuction procedures, body contouring techniques view our before and after photos.

Liposuction remains one of the most requested procedures at the Center for Aesthetic Surgery. Liposuction effectively removes fat from stubborn areas that remain despite diet and exercise. Our concept of liposuction has grown to recognize the procedure, not as one for just fat removal, but as a contouring procedure best decribed as lipo sculpture.

The sculpturing from Liposuction Surgery begins through a very tiny incision in areas which are easily concealed. A very thin instrument is placed beneath the skin into the fatty areas where ultrasound, light energy, and suction will remove and sculpt the fatty layers. Our technique is dependent on the location of the problem areas. Dr. Johnson’s belief is that the proper technique for a specific problem will yield the best results.

Whether the sculpturing technique involves a laser system, water-assisted liposuction, traditional or tumescent liposuction, or internal ultrasound, our emphasis is directed toward the goal and final result. At the Center for Aesthetic Surgery, we don’t believe in promoting any particular technique. Our approach focuses exclusively on a results driven philosophy. And great results, speak for themselves.

Liposuction Before and After Photos

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One of the most frequently asked questions follow liposuction is “What happens if my weigh changes?” The results of liposculpture are quite stable. With weight gain, and even weight loss, the remaining fatty layer will only increase or decrease proportionately. Many individuals are inspired to lose weight after having liposuction and may do so without fear of spoiling their excellent result.

Liposuction can effectively remove the stubborn areas of fat that remain despite diet and exercise. Through a very tiny incision, which can be easily concealed, Dr. Johnson places a tube beneath the skin. A combination of ultrasound energy and suction will remove and sculpt fatty layers. Afterwards, a compression garment or girdle will help control swelling and provide comfort while the skin shrinks and the bruising resolves. With liposculpture, saddlebags can disappear, hips and legs become thinner, stomachs flatten and double chins can literally melt away.

With the introduction of newer surgical techniques in liposuction, body sculpting has become safer and more comfortable than ever before. Small areas can often be corrected without sedation, and conscious sedation makes larger procedures a comfortable and pleasant experience. Fuller volume liposuction, re treatment of areas, and for those who prefer, general anesthesia is also available in our Center. Liposuction can give you the shape you deserve, instead of the shape you were born with.

Liposuction Chicago Illinois performed by a Board certified plastic surgeon. Information about liposuction procedures, body contouring techniques and more.